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Research shows that the cost of legal services is the most important factor considered by consumers when searching for a lawyer, which is why Legal Cost Finance is becoming the most popular financing solution for individual and business consumers. With payment plans from Legal Cost Finance, clients benefit from the convenience of spreading their legal costs into easy and affordable instalments.

There are two ways for your practice to partner with Legal Cost Finance:

1. You can RECOMMEND Legal Cost Finance to your own clients

By alerting consumers that your practice offers payment plans, you will attract new clients directly to your door. Additionally, you will benefit from secured payments of your fees (as well as other legal costs) in full and on time. It’s free to become an associate member and you can register at

2. You can RECEIVE fully funded case instructions from Legal Cost Finance

Our Legal Cost Finance marketing programme is generating a wave of enquiries from consumers who contact us before they've appointed a lawyer. Once their legal requirement has been qualified and once funding has been arranged, we then connect them to a suitable lawyer. This is facilitated by Catalist, our exclusive membership panel of legal practices who receive fully-funded and legally ready client case instructions. Find out more at