Photograph Guidelines

Each shortlisted nominee will have a profile created that presents the reasons they have been nominated for a particular category on the night.

Please submit to us a range of photographs that can be used in your profile. We would like at least four photographs. They can be a mix of:

  •  - Head and shoulders profile
  •  - Full body profile
  •  - Company logo
  •  - You in a work situation
  •  - You in a more fun / personal situation – a hobby for example
  •  - For groups, instead of individual profiles, please submit some mixed photos of your team.

Please select photos that are:

  •  - Properly focused with no dark spots or shadows
  •  - In the following file formats: .jpeg, .gif or .png
  •  - At least 1,000 pixels or more in height. (You can find this information out by opening the file, right clicking on the photo and selecting properties followed by the ‘Details’ tab. Look under the heading ‘Image’).

Example profile photograph (of our fantastic Awards photographer Jon)

Photograph Guidelines

Please email all photo's to If you have any questions please call +44(0)117 917 5162