About Anglia DNA

Anglea_DNAAnglia DNA Services Limited ("Anglia DNA") is an independent UK laboratory specialising in Drug, Alcohol & DNA testing for legal cases. One of the UK’s leading accredited laboratories in this field, Anglia DNA is relied upon by many local authorities and law firms throughout the UK to ensure that results meet court deadlines. Over the last 10 years, the company has developed a reputation for its innovation and excellence in scientific services. Flexible, quality assured testing services using the latest scientific technology ensures value for money, speed of service and total client care. The Client Services team are experts in DNA, Drug and Alcohol testing for legal cases, such as immigration, family law and probate. Anglia DNA provides full case management and offers an extensive Sample Collection Service from anywhere in the UK including homes, offices, prisons and contact centres. The samplers are highly trained and fully equipped to obtain hair, urine, oral fluid and blood samples for Drug and Alcohol testing and mouth swab samples are obtained for DNA testing. The standard turnaround time is 5 working days upon receipt of samples in the laboratory with express DNA testing services available from 8 hours. An expert witness can be provided to clients including: an expert witness in court, provision of affidavits, statements and courtroom testimonies. Drug and Alcohol testing ‘Expert Witness’ reports are available as an option to accompany the standard Certificate of Analysis. These reports ensure a deeper understanding of the donor’s drug use as revealed the actual test results which have been proved invaluable in communicating results to the courts, client and third parties. Anglia DNA’s experienced and highly skilled team of scientists are always available to discuss your case and answer any technical questions you may have.


For further information, contact us on: 01603 358 161 or visit our websites at: www.angliadna.co.uk