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Tips for success

Be clear: An entry that is well-laid out will be easier for the judges to extract the relevant information from. Clear and concise should be your watchwords.
Provide evidence:The judges need to see the hard facts that back up your claims so please provide clear evidence of success.
Be concise: For some awards the judges will have to read through a large number of entries in a limited period of time. Therefore, while encyclopedia-thick entries are very worthy, it’s unlikely they will get the attention they deserve.
Be current: While we value the remarkable history of the UK family law community, the awards concentrate on this year's successes (with the exception of the Cornwell Award for Outstanding Contribution to Family Law) therefore your entry should focus on achievements from June 2021 - June 2022.
Above and beyond: Remember the Awards reward excellence – that does not mean simply ticking the boxes, it means going above and beyond the call of duty. You need to demonstrate, with evidence, that you have done this.
Size isn’t important: Judges take into account the relative size of each firm involved and make their decision on the basis of the evidence in front of them. Small firms have succeeded in the past.
Supporting materials: If you are going to attach supporting material, then some guidance and context as to what they contain and why they are relevant is important. The supporting materials can be anything that the entrant feels will add weight to their entries but the judges are particularly looking for evidence to support the criteria for each award category. Details of reported cases, any pro bono work undertaken and client testimonials would certainly fall into that category.
Never assume: While the judges all have relevant experience, they won’t necessarily know the intricacies of your operation or sector. If it’s relevant to your entry, then describe the particular challenges you face.