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On the night we will be handing out collection envelopes for Coram Children’s Legal Centre’s (CCLC) Legal Practice Unit.

Coram is the UK’s first children’s charity and has kept vulnerable children safe for 278 years. Originally established in 1739 as a home for abandoned children, Coram still supports those who are 'invisible' to society, providing them with protection from harm and hope for the future. No matter what a child's start in life, Coram believes they have a right to a better, brighter future. Today, we are a dynamic group of charities, each of which works towards the shared vision of better chances for all vulnerable children. CCLC’s Legal Practice provides urgent legal representation to vulnerable children and families across four core areas of law: immigration, family, education and community care.

Last year, over 20,000 children, parents, young people, carers and professionals in the UK received our support, with particular focus given to:

  • Young migrants, refugees and trafficked children
  • Children with disabilities and special educational needs
  • Children in and leaving the care system
  • Young offenders seeking accommodation and support from social services

Due to legal aid funding cuts, many children with complex legal cases, who desperately need help, are no longer eligible for support or they have needs for assistance which we can provide but which legal aid does not cover.

The children who need we support frequently lead chaotic lives; they may be homeless, be deeply distressed, or at risk of exploitation and trafficking. With your help, CCLC’s Legal Practice Unit can maintain its Vulnerable Child Fund in order to deliver urgent support to young people who have nowhere else to turn.

The Vulnerable Child Fund supports children and young people nationwide, including those with severe mental health difficulties, children in and leaving the care system, young migrants, victims of trafficking and those who are destitute. The fund enables us to provide help to vulnerable children outside of the constraints and limitations of legal aid funding, whenever they need our help, and prevent them from cycles of disadvantage that can last a lifetime.

By contributing, you will help CCLC to provide:
  • Frontline legal representation to vulnerable children who cannot access legal aid
  • Additional support to children with severe mental health difficulties, including accompanying them to appeal hearings that they may find upsetting or difficult
  • Access to interpreters for children unable to effectively communicate their problems in English
  • Workshops for children at risk of human rights abuses, to educate them as to what their rights and entitlements are, giving them the confidence to state their case
  • Workshops for professionals to raise awareness and help them effectively support the children they work with
  • Fact sheets and advice supplied directly to vulnerable young people and the professionals who work with them
  • Financial support including application fees for young migrants


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